November 23rd, 2005



Oy! This morning, I have set up an osCommerce shopping cart, customized said shopping cart, broken and fixed said shopping cart, set it up to play nice with PayPal's pro account (success on this is still pending...), and put up 8 portraits at the claim site. My head is just barely wrapping around this stuff. Barely.

Now, I must go have food, and go into town. STUPID DIVA printer ruined 6 big prints (owie...) and I still have to wrangle 4 more out of her somehow for an order I should have had out Monday. *glareglareglare*

More interesting news should follow. Eventually. If I have any. :P


It's snowing like crazy today - I'm waiting on a file download, so I snapped a few quick shots.

Yes'm, I think we'll have a white Christmas...

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