November 17th, 2005



$550 in ink! $550!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch. Still, it makes a lot of prints... and cards and t-shirts and stuff...

My head hurts today, and I'm snuffly. I may call it another day in; I only have one or two non-urgent orders to fill right now. There's lots I can do here.

It snowed! Lots of snow! It's gorgeous, actually.

Have some scanning to do!



Feeling wicked burnout today - scanned some stuff, posted originals for sale, but am concerned the format is too confusing/difficult to sift through for most folks. Didn't really have time to add them all to a gallery. Too busy! And it's probably not worth my time to take it - my originals sell like snow to eskimos. I got some more EMG designs up but not up. Only about 10 left to post.

Working on some EMG-Zine content - folks, there's only TWO WEEKS before the first deadline, so get your stuff together and submit it! I don't really want to have to beg, but I will. Heck, I will both grovel and bribe. Please, please, please!