November 13th, 2005


List for the week

Commission - color job - due Monday
Emails (Misty, you're at the top of my list! :)) - mostly done, though it never REALLY ends.
Call Inner Peace (Fairy Court calendars came in!)
Print orders- half done
Mail orders
Finish putting up EMG designs - tomorrow
Work on backup
Laundry - 2 loads
Check last week's list
Return C's call
Call Quota club!!!!!
Pick a day this week to watch movies and NOT work.
Put up adoption images
Fill adoptions (new program invoices them!!! Yay yay yay!)
Fill print services (see above invoicing rave)
Finish answering EMG-zine queries (You're at the top of that list, Maria!)
Unpack laundry into new space. Build new shelves for the cabinet. Get some bins for sweaters.
Finish Camilla's two in-progress pieces
And probably more that I'll think of tomorrow.