November 10th, 2005

enough time

Coming together...

Things are coming together! I could wish they'd done so earlier in the year, but oh well.

My invoicing program has been fixed, and now will handle PA and Print Services! YAY!

I am down to 15 remaining EMG designs in the queue that I have handy files for. I need to scare up some of these that I know I have, and nag folks for the ones I don't have, but horray for that much! My list has been significantly pared down, that's for sure.

The new PA site is open for artists now... and looks *fabulous*. If you are a PA artist and you haven't checked it out, you are slacking and I will beat you with wet noodles. Just like the EMG designs, your work won't go on-line until you have checked your pieces and set them online.

I moved all my Epilogue articles over to my own site and removed Epilogue from my links. I had linked to it as an example of a profession site that I could be juried into, but I detest their advertising and am getting disgusted with their management, so they don't need to benefit of the traffic I'm getting. I don't consider it a flattering link anymore. I need to check the date that the Work for Hire article went up, though I could cry 'breach of contract' and just post it to my site anyway. I have been sorely, sorely tempted to ask them to remove all my articles on those grounds, but I like the idea that people who need them may find them there.

Velcro's been clingy this morning, and my butt is falling asleep. Very much need to take Norway for a long walk.

Tomorrow's a holiday! Yay!

Now, to futz with EMG-Zine...


New email is set up for EMG-Zine, and I am officially accepting submissions. No, I'm not posting the email publicly, you have to use the form on this page to request more information. I will reply with exact submission information. If you have already sent in a form, I will be answering those shortly.

I've also got new public forums set up for folks to chitchat on and also to post work for a Critique Corner. This is not for free-for-all critiques! This is only for work OF the theme of the 'zine, and will ONLY be critiqued by one person, and MUST be completed per the critique for a before and after comparison. The two versions of the piece, and the critique, will be published in the 'zine. (You'll get extra exposure, and the critiquer will get some kind of reward - haven't decided what...)

More details in gory detail at the forum.

And do sign up for the 'zine contributers email list, yeah?