October 28th, 2005


Friday, and another lovely day...

Though not as lovely as it was earlier this week. We had what I call frostfall early in the week - it's that moist, warmish precipitation that's not snow or rain or ice exactly - it just hangs in the air and clings to the trees, and makes them all frosty and white and gorgeous - like everything has been turned into lace. It doesn't last - the trees look plain and unadorned again, and I was too lazy to take photos.

Most of my weekly list has been accomplished - just one more order (that I FORGOT about yesterday 'cause I'm a goob), and I have to go back to the post office because they CHANGED the requirements for customsforms - apparently EVERYTHING gets custom slips now, not just over 16 oz. They're nice, though, 'cause I used the automated kiosk afterhours last night, and they found my package, and called me at home (how they found my number, I'm not at all sure, but everyone there knows me...) and told Jake (since I wasn't there) about the change and told him they'd hold the package for me to come and add a customslip to it.

Loading CCNOW codes now, just reactivated my google adwords (cause it had been charging to an expired credit card, so they'd paused 'em all... oops.), am about to pay off one of my credit cards, and then... gosh, it'll be about time for art and lunch and then into town to finish laundry. (Cause I didn't, yesterday...)

I drank too much coffee and now I'm all jittery. Horray!