October 16th, 2005


Working like a dog...

Did a booth at the Amtgard fest last night - I finally got confirmation yesterday morning, but it was a small thing, only a few hours, and I didn't need much prep time. Sold, well, not much, but did line up a modest commission as well. It wasn't wasted time, and it was fun watching the boffing tornaments. The accoustics sucked big time (it was in my old grade school gym!), but there was hot cider at the booth next to me, so yay! Next time, I want to bring a few cheap, cheap things. I did most some of my discontinued t-shirts and some flawed mousepads, so that was a big plus.

We've continued to work on the studio. Jake and I played with about a dozen different configurations in Autocad, and settled on something very close to our original plan. We've got bookshelves to assemble, and a few runs of boards yet to put up. Perhaps today! (After football)

It's *really* snowed at last. Several inches of good snow, and it's cold enough to stick. Very pretty and white.

I have another sinus headache this morning; I'm hoping my tylenol sinus will kick in soon. The cough comes and goes, but seems better.

Have I mentioned that I really, really, really hate drama and bad feelings amoung friends? It's worse when I feel like I inadvertantly cause it. Much worse.

Putting down my foot (in a way) on the next EA book. It's past time I did so; I just didn't want to. *sigh*

Alright, off to put clothes on and assemble shelves.