October 12th, 2005


Headless chicken! Headless chicken!

Okay, got orders out yesterday. Already have more orders to get out tomorrow; plan to stay at the house all day today.

Gaming was a blast last night - we got to fight giant spirit mantis-creatures in rubbled Chicago. :)

Much, much administration sorts of stuff to do today - there are apparently problems with the fairy court calendar files that I thought was DONE and I guess isn't. *sulk* Big print service t-shirt order to fill, had to order shirts. (already done) Also got some very promising wholesale inquiries, we'll see how those pan out. Some fires to put out, some rabble-rousing to do... a usual day in Ellen's life.

I want a nap. Last night's sleep was horrid - I woke up with a coughing fit at one point that *wouldn't* stop. The only drugs I had were nighttime, and it was too late to take them and still wake up in the morning. (I'm a lightweight when it comes to sleepaids) For about an hour, I lay there trying SO hard not to cough, with that tight chest feeling, and the 'I'm drowning in my own lungs' feeling and the 'if I just coughed, it would be gone (except I knew it wouldn't...)' feeling. Bleh.

The night before last, I had sketchbook dreams. Does anyone else get these? No plot, particularly, just flipping through a sketchbook of mine, full of very distinctly MY work, which I can remember very clearly even now, but are things I've never drawn. Inspiring, actually. Wish I had more arttime! :)

Just schtuff...

46 new/old EMG entries up today. Only about 30 left to do! Then, the stuff in the queue! (Once Jennie writes that bit of code...) Finalized the Fairy Court calendars. Didn't get Ursula's finished. (ARGH) Did get bunches of emails answered, but not enough.