October 6th, 2005



When did Epilogue disable their print purchasing thingy? Did they announce it and I missed it?

In other news, Secret Project Number 2 is still sprouting. Don't worry, I'll let folks know what's up with it once some structure is in place. It won't be long, 'cause I want to get motoring on it. :) I lurv projects. This is one I've wanted to do for literally YEARS (since before I started EMG, in some incarnation), and I'll be able to delegate big chunks of it. :)

Okay! Off to compile chunk 2 of Ursula's calendar. I uploaded the guts of Wish3 to my server - waiting to hear back on spine width so I can finish the cover and get that sucker PRINTED. Yeah. I don't want to open an Amazon store until I've got a chunk of publications worthy of their gawdawful fees. Time to get cruising on KotF, too...

AFTER the third calendar, though...

And this commission.