September 30th, 2005


Still snuffling...

Tomorrow (maybe) I start hanging my show. I'm not sure yet; the folks from last month have through today to show their stuff, so I'm not sure when I'll actually be able to move in. I hope to recruit Jennie to help me mat a bunch of stuff this weekend and figure out how to hang it; I shall bribe her with cold delicious cokes and pizza, probably. It's a very low-key show in a bookstore, so I'm not overly stressed out. I'm still too stuffed up to be stressed.

Importing like crazy, and will be SO glad when this bit it done. Urgh.

Yesterday's trip to North Pole went very well - sold a fair chunk of mousepads and coloring books wholesale to a shop out there, and she wants me to bring more prints and t-shirts next week. She also wants me to bring her copies of the Atlantis books when they come in, and do a book-signing/meet-the-artist in November. :)

Okay, phone calls to make, and art to do.

I have almost, but not quite, given up on getting something done for the Arthurian show; I've got one piece about half sketched, but Arthur's face needs serious refining, and I'd still have to ink it. Dunno if I can get that done tomorrow or not; depends on when I hang my show, pretty much.

There's what I know!
enough time

End of the week...

I hang my show Monday morning. I will take photos. Lots of photos. They sounded enthused about a meet-the-artist/booksigning on the the 30 and 31st. :) Wouldn't that be cool? We'll discuss more on Monday. They might carry the Atlantis book, too... *think hurry-up vibes at the post office*

I got 31 EMG entries imported today, time for a break! I also worked a commission up to final payment stage, waiting on that before I do the last touches... basically just add a fiddle.

The PA site is being imported right now, too. Woot! So nice to see progress. :)

And a reminder about my eBay auctions... lots of stuff is still very cheap. :) Those earrings in particular get me a lot of comments when I wear them... I may have to re-photograph them to do them justice.

Wrote some reminder emails to old commission/adoption clients. I may try to sell that big Golden Apples piece I did for a submitted description. I liked the way that turned out, and the client hasn't written since April, despite emails in May and July. I wrote one today that bounced back as account is disabled, so I'm guessing I won't see my money out of that sucker. Oh well.

Now, cross your fingers for some Arthurian inspriration tonight or tomorrow.