September 23rd, 2005



Still no dsl (or any connection) at home.

EMG invoicing program crashed upon opening.

I think I'll do laundry...

What a sucky week!

But it's Friday, and over, and most of my RARGH! STOMP! issues have actually been solved. Not optimally, but at least I have the solutions in hand, even if it is going to be OMG a lot of work.

Internet: Router is fried. I can get connection on Jake's computer when it's hooked directly into the modem only. As discovered just about an hour ago. New router planned on Monday, not planning to flog myself over the weekend to make up for lost time.

Color in the Atlantis book (and calendars...): Definitely a pdf compiler problem. Time for new pdf compiler. Expensive problem, but still a solution.

Invoicing software: okay, that's not solved. Didn't spend much time *trying* to solve it. A few crashes and restarts, and on top of the rest of this week, I was just ready to give up.

Studio: Cleaned up most of mom and dad's house because they're headed back up north and could be here anyday. Lots of stuff. >.< Finished siding the new studio!!! horray!! Will take pictures once I have a connection on my computer again.

Back: Have been icing dilligently, and it helps. Headache comes and goes, but seems to be easing off.

Gotta go! I have an Authurian piece to attempt to finish start, and a gallery show to hang before Saturday. OMG.