September 22nd, 2005

kiss my fish


Oh man!

Firstly, I have no Internet. At home, at least. Something's up with our dsl. After an hour of tech support last night, the very helpful Aaron says - 'hold on, let me test your phone line...' And it's Ssssssssslow. Really slow. It's not that we aren't connecting, just that we're connecting so slowly that pages time out before they load. *sigh* So resetting the wireless router didn't do the job, of course.

Secondly, my back is killing me! Jennie and I worked on the studio yesterday afternoon and I pulled or twisted or something. Bad back. >( It's not as bad this morning as it was last night, but it's still not happy. I have GOT to get into better shape. That was NOTHING compared to work shifts I've been able to do in the past.

Thirdly, I have discovered the bulk of the problem with the Atlantis book color shift; and it's not an easy fix and it was entirely my fault and it's putting a crimp on calendar delivery - as is the painful lack of dsl (I'm on dialup right now, and nohow in hell am I uploading 3 100 meg files on dialup...). The pdf compiler I use is what was causing the color shift. And it's bad. It was Selina's image in the calendar that finally clued me in - I hadn't been checking color in the pdfs, just page count and checking for the STUPID watermark that the STUPID program puts in about 25% of the time because it claims I haven't paid (which I did...). Anywho, I tried correcting in photoshop, punching up the saturation of the colors that were getting washed out and desaturating in the problematic magenta ranges. Hah. I turned her piece into a nasty, nasty ugly thing that was still washed out and magenta in the pdf. I have an email I doubt customer service will answer into ScanSoft. I will probably end up paying the fricking money for Adobe Distiller after all. *gnashes teeth* And of course, I can't download it without my dsl.

Fourthly, I'm in a rotten mood.

Fourth-and-a-halfly, Jake and I argued this morning.

Fifthly, I want to go back to bed. For a week.