September 21st, 2005



I've got more eBay auctions up... and the Eternal Embrace sweatshirt ends in a few hours - your chance to get a one of a kind, 'cause I don't plan to carry sweatshirts...

In other news, I'm having to re-upload the FC calendar. Somehow the connection got interupted last night and didn't complete. *sigh*

This afternoon, we'll be working on siding the studio; I'm SICK of working between a bunch of places. Darn it. So, we might even finish the siding today, which would be nice, then we can build shelving and MOVE IN.

Off to do some art. And stuff.

Well, geez!

I guess the calendar site won't accept more than 100 Megs at a go. Would have been nice if they'd put that on the webpage somewhere so I didn't have to wait 2 hours 3 individual times and then call them to find that out. Breaking into parts now...

Also, darn it, I wonder how I can wrestle the Loomis estate into letting me be the one to reprint 'Figure Drawing for All It's Worth...' Not that I'm in the habit of setting unreasonable expectations or anything...

Ten days until my gallery show!