September 20th, 2005



Design takes so flipping long. I'm pdf-ing the Fairy Court calendar now. Once that's uploading, I'll put the last touches on Ursula's calendar and post that, too. THEN I get to tackle a third calendar. What WAS I thinking?

I FINALLY, FINALLY finished redirecting and setting up subdomains for all the artists. What a pain in my butt. It took days, literally. I wish they had a bulk-edit option, but noooo... have to go through the slow, slow multi-page dialogue to do it. Bleh. Anywho, if you're an EMG artist, your subdomain ( is now set. It may take another day or two to propogate to your DNS thingy, so don't panic if it doesn't work yet.

Two of my eBay auctions end in about a day. This is your chance for some of the last remaining Elfwood merchandise or a kid's sweatshirt of Eternal Embrace at a sweet deal! With luck, I'll get some more auctions posted today. In my copious free time.

Started arranging the files at the EMG server for a massive backup so I can install XP. Oh dear GOD I have a lot of files. I've got 12 discs already folder-ized, and SO MANY more to do. Yikes. 40 gigs worth left to do, about. 40 GIGS. That's a lot of discs.

Alright, back to work.

Need arttime.
enough time


11 discs of print services.
1 admin archive complete with invoicing program and webpage stuff.
3 discs of my junk (writing and art).
1 disc of various (mostly defunct) group projects.
1 disc of 'donthinkineed' - stuff that I just can't quite ditch.

Still to do: EMG retail (20 gigs), EMG PA files (2.5 gigs - on *this* computer... god knows how much on the laptop) and Wish3 (2.9 gigs).

Fairy Court calendar is finished and pdf-ed. I have to upload the file (300 megs) on Donny's connection tonight - didn't have time left in the day to upload it from home. Also posted up a post-book review at enchanted artists to discuss what got done wrong and right. And wrote some emails. Not enough. Emails are dull and brainsucking and I hates them.

Went to pick up my nephew from speech -

< begin digression... >

I have a car seat in my car. Yes, a car seat. I feel like a soccer mom extraordinaire. I drive a Subaru station wagon and I have a CAR SEAT in it. It gives me deeply disturbing nesting instincts and is bothersome to catch sight of in my rearview.

< /end digression... >

- and he wasn't there! Apparently speech got cancelled and no one bothered to tell me. Oh well. Picked up a check from Kristen's (I wholesale there) and dropped in on Kevin and found out that I CAN indeed carry mousepads with gel rests. Woo hoo!

Went to the post office (junk mail, largely), waited in line an insane amount of time and verified that probably yes, I would have been diagnosed with ADD if it had been vogue when I was a child.

Gaming tonight, shower first. One order to finish, lack the card paper, have to get it cut tonight and buy more.

Writing discs... lalalalala...

Here, have some art.

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