September 14th, 2005

Are You Sure?


Emails down to a managable 89. FC calendar in final stages (can't find the stupid disc with my stupid file on it, or it WOULD be done...), Ursula's calendar - I still need that cover file, probably a victim of the Monday power failure.

I'm getting a headache; first in a long while. I fully expected one directly after Dragon*Con. I have the classic post-stress migraine habit. Maybe this one just took a good long time to get here.

*rubs forehead*

Google adwords running again.

PA stuff somewhat organized. Updated FAQ and Artist guidelines. Posted new pricing guidelines. Fixed the broken images on the drawing page. Answered 6 zillion emails. Not all the important ones, either... ugh!

Drew. Jennie and are are doing a half an hour a day of boring, tedious exercises - we drew lily still-lifes for the first two days, and used reference photos today. Fun to see how differently we interpret stuff. And some decent work has come out of it, now less.

Need to work on a commission or three and make some phone calls. Quit hurting, head... Now, please.