September 10th, 2005



I'm not doing anything business-y today, just sitting around absorbing my life. It's gorgeous - the leaves on the trees are all golden, and half on the ground. The rain makes everything smell good. Velcro is happy to have me back, and I've watched more than a disc of animated Batman. :)

Dragon*Con was a wonderful, WONDERFUL time. We didn't make all of our expenses back, but did put a nice dent in them, met some fabulous people and had more fun than you'd think you could pack into 4 days. Many exciting contacts, and some very exciting upcoming projects that I shall only tease you about. We're going back next year - I've already reserved (paid for) my spot, and I am armed with a booth layout and much more intimate knowledge of what to expect. For example, more mousepads, fewer t-shirts (eeeeveryone had t-shirts... no one had awesome mousepads like ours, and they got snapped up fast). Display for the side (we got a corner booth!), name banner, and darn it, I should be on panels. Give me a few years. Finally met Steph Law, who is as sweet as advertised, and have hilarious pictures with Ruth Thompson (whose booth is directly behind mine and qualifies for nicest person ever) and LA Williams, and Jeff Johnson, and other people I'm forgetting now... didn't get to meet Nene, as she had (I've heard) a cat emergency at home.

The Atlantis book got shipped out on the 2nd, and looked much, much better than I'd feared and cold sweated. So far, only one error has been picked up, and people seem pleased. A terrible relief!! And... I think it does look good. Next week, marketting! And calendars! And... no business-y stuff today, darn it!

I think I'll go do art. And Velcro seems convinced it's dinner time.