August 27th, 2005



Headless chicken here...

Half-done with Ursula's calendar - the template I've got is quite nice, and will translate easily over to the other two I still have to do. I've got more than half the entries up at the new EMG and 98 of the artists represented... and it's due to go live any second now! Just finished making sausage gravy for biscuits. Got the remainder of the PA queue up for the minions to tackle. Last time I EVER have to do that....

After breakfast, it's in to town to finish orders and make SCHTUFF for Dragon*Con. Lots of schtuff. Big prints, and t-shirts and magnets, mostly. I'm not going to bring stickers (hard to display), I've got a good stock of bookmarks (though do need to print more of those, too...), small prints are less critical, cards - I'm again not going to bother with. I have a *table*, not a big space, and cards aren't one of my showcase products. It's been tough selecting what to bring.

Oo! biscuits are done... *flees*

New webpage is UP!!!


Marvel at the large and small thumbnail options, and the details, and the faster searching and browsing. And search pages in pages! That I don't have to do manually!

It's even cooler from the backend, but only I will truly get to appreciate that. Oh, I guess you will once I'm caught up and the submission process is less than 8 or 9 months... *lol*

Why are you still reading this? GO SEE!!!