August 25th, 2005


I need a paper bag!!


New site goes live tomorrow.

I am behind on importing. I haven't finished the calendars. I have not matted any of my work for the Dragon*Con show. I have not packed anything. I have not made t-shirts. I have not finished the postcard design. I am paralyzed by fear that I will look like a backwaters nobody at Dragon*Con - sure I can impress fantasy-starved folks at a local *agriculture* fair, but next to the Big Dogs? I'm going to look so amateur...


I did get orders out today - lots of 'em. And I'm importing like a fiend. And I don't hate the artwork I have to bring to Dragon*Con. I got PA updated - except that my PA minions are all awol, so the updates won't show up until they're back on the job. I got a bunch of emails answered, too. Woo.

Alrighty, importing needs me again, and then I have to paint. Then, postcards. Then, calendars.