August 20th, 2005


(no subject)

That damn cold still has it's fingers in my energy.

Still, making progress. Cleaned this morning, after sleeping in again, and now I'm importing. Got a bunch of emails answered already this morning, and I'm about to go in and do a mad, mad order-filling afternoon, followed by an evening of art and stuff.

Have to remember to get more water while I'm in.

Movie recommendation: Dangerous Beauty. GORGEOUS movie.

Tea now. Orders next.

(no subject)

The smoke is back, with vengence.

My sinuses are all clogged again, and giving me headache grief. I'm exhausted and feel like I'm half-mucus. Stupid clingy cold. Stupider smoke. It's as thick as it was last year, I think. YUCK. Only the bedroom is enclosed, so we've got the air purifier in there doing its best. I may flee there with icepacks shortly. Or heating packs - I can't decide. The migraine wants cold, the sinuses want heat...

I did get three loads of dishes, two loads of laundry, seven orders and two imports done, plus fill a PA web order. Need to do more imports, but my throbbing head may 'excuse me' until tomorrow.

Jake comes home tonight! Yay! He's been away since Thursday (our four year wedding anniversary) up working on the Yukon river bridge - they're doing a re-decking project he's an engineer on, and he had to stay an extra day because they couldn't work on Friday because of the smoke.

Okay, that's my attention span. I want to work on a Kaz story bubbling around in my brain, but I'm not sure it's going to be forced out right now.