August 18th, 2005



The smoke has cleared, thank GOD, and my ears are mostly clear again, too. I was worried about another ear infection, but I'm really thinking that the worst has past!

Too much to do. Waaaaay behind. New website is going to be SO cool... and save me SOO much time. I am SO grateful to have exactly 17 pieces left to put up at PA... and then never again. Two more artist pages to build... and then never again. No more image creation, copy-pasting, keyword generating... *blissful sigh* No more registering artists in a lengthy, unweildy fashion. No more slow cgi!!! I never have to update menus again! I won't know what to do with all my extra time! Oh... yes, projects. I'll stay busy. :P

Painted on the Fairy Court pieces this morning for a little while, and decided I am truly masochistic... all those stupid little icicles and strands of hair to paint around! Argh!

Tea break is over, back to the grind...