July 27th, 2005


Art musings...

I'm rather relieved no one stuck a last-minute bid in on the Crystal Fairy auction. At $19.99, I would have been getting about $1 per hour of work. *wry* I'll pass, thanks, and hold onto it until I'm famous enough to get something decent for it. Give me time! And anyway, I need work for my show in October.

Hey! I've got ACEO's of Uncovering Atlantis and Practicality for sale. I'm going to skip eBay... too much work for their pound of flesh, frankly. They are a super limited run of just 4 apiece, signed, numbered, laminated, and corner rounded. (They do look cool, if I say so myself.) $5, includes shipping (insurance optional and extra), claim them here or email me - it'll go in order that things hit my inbox.

Got all the Atlantis files uploaded, and called in to pay for the monster. (Ow, ow, my wallet!) Got an answering machine, and am waiting on a return call. (And I gotta go to the bathroom, but haven't wanted to be away long enough for the trek to the outhouse... *fidget*)

Got to art this morning, and last night at gaming, and I'm fairly pleased with this piece. I have two more in the same series thumbnailed, and a fourth considered. I think I'll have the first finished this week... I'm back to my comfort zone with pretty girls and ink and watercolor. Blue ink, this time, though... black would have been too overpowering for the subject.

Got my artwork back from InConJunction - nothing broke, though the box looks a little worse for wear. Again, it'll give me more to show at the fair, at DragonCon and at the October Gullivers show. I probably won't be mailing out to many/any more cons - the shipping prices are hefty, and the hassle is high for the possible/unlikely returns. I'm too cheap and impatient to accept a loss for several years in a row for returns like I've heard about. I'll wait until I can afford to hit them as a vendor and wow them with EMG products in person.

Got my genesis paints (and a huge box of COOL costume clothing) from Jennie today. She's hopefully left Ft Collins by now... I expect to see her early next week. I'll have to make time soon to finish the winged cat girl piece!

Got my inbox down to 167. Still, ouch. High on the list of things to do today.

Okay, that's what I know.


Well, I signed away my life and paid for the Atlantis books! Some of the files wouldn't unzip at that end, so I'm re-uploading a few of the pdf files. The proof will be express mailed to me - so I could have it Monday! Glee! Might be later in the week, but could be that early. I'm sort of frozen with doubt - did I do a good job? I'm not a layout person, per se, and will people like what I did? The pages weren't full-bleed, and actually had quite a margin requirement - will it look stupid? Will the bios look cluttered? With the different paper look silly? (That, at least, I can pay $50 more to upgrade, which is only .25 a book...) Will it look amateur and stupid? Did I make the right decisions on those last few layouts I waffled over and kept switching back and forth? Will they sell? Ahhh... too much thinking like that...

Inbox is down to 136 messages, and I'm plugging away like mad.

Yes, I am an airhead.

Okay, definitely proving myself an airhead here, but SOMEONE begged someone to order some super sculpy off of eBay to mail it to them (which narrows the SOMEONE down to out of the US...). I asked for a shipping quote, which they FINALLY got to me after the bidding had ended, but it looks like they have more available - is SOMEONE still interested in this? Or did they find someone in a more central US location to do so? Just cleaning out the inbox, and didn't want to leave SOMEONE hanging any longer...

95 emails!!