July 22nd, 2005


I'll do it myself, said the little red hen...

Well, no one felt inspired to enter the favicon contest at EMG (ended about three weeks ago), so I made my own. The front page, at least, has a spiff little icon for bookmarks now! I'll have to add the tag to the rest of my pages still, but that will wait.

Haven't done one for PA yet, but I will eventually. They're pretty easy.

Done with the finals for the book through page 51, slogging along very carefully and meticulously. I wish a couple of things - full-bleed printing, and more experience, but the latter is coming in the usual fashion and the former will have to be fully researched for the next book.

I intend to spend a few hours writing today, once the book is finished. (Yes, dammit, finished) I'll have to be careful, though - my back feels okay now, but I went to see Much Ado About Nothing (my FAVORITE Shakespeare) last night, and it was outdoor (chilly) and on uncomfortable chairs, so my back is definitely in 'could hurt' state and I wouldn't blame it.

I don't WANT to look at my inbox... or at the coding for PA. *shudders*
enough time

I'm done?

I just have to compile the pages into pdfs, I think... and find out the width of the spine to do the cover final file. I did go ahead and index all the art - it's a nifty touch, and was a wonderful double-check. I also had to re-alphabetize the bios in a couple of places - I had Terrell alphabetized by her first name, doh! And Jen has a psuedonym, and I couldn't figure out that Ochs came AFTER Obrecht... :P I also found a number of weirdo fonts and characters from copy-pasting bios out of email, fixed all those. And numbered pages that it fit gracefully on. And checked all the titles and spellings. And tweaked, and tweaked and tweaked. But I think it's done...

My marvelous husband brought me home flowers on Wednesday. And rented me more StarGate. :) So, now rather goggle-eyed from the computer and feeling somewhat at a loss (what? I'm done? Really? No, there's some mistake...), I realize I'm STARVING, and it's time to go watch above-mentioned StarGate and have some lunch.

Then, compile files and deliver and be completely done.