July 19th, 2005


Holy balls.

Dragon*Con has turned into a serious buttload of expense. >.< Nearly $1300 for the hotel. *falls to the floor clutching chest* The plane tickets were cheaper! Thank heavens I got a good deal on THOSE. I keep forgetting that things sell out in the rest of the world, and are more expensive, and have huge taxes added to them. Up here, generally, you get to a hotel unannounced and people fall all over you because they haven't had human contact in three days. Okay... maybe not quite that severe until you get waaaay out in the boonies, but you don't generally have sell-out problems. I don't think.

Man, that had better be a nice room. *angry stomp*

Okay, finish artists pay. Finish EA book.


Portrait Adoption site is broken.

Not *badly* broken, but it's doing that crappy, crappy thing where it regenerates all the connected files and takes out all the greymatter keys so the artist pages no longer automatically update with the addition of new entries.

This is not a problem I know how to fix - I had hoped it was a bug that went away with the newer version of greymatter.

I just...

I can't...


I don't have time to try and fix it right this minute. It may mean manually adding the new entries to every fricking artist page every fricking time, which means a huuuuge slowdown on getting new work up on artists pages. Not that it isn't already gimpy snail slow.

I want...

I'm going to...

I have to go do something else for a little while. I wish my back felt well enough for kickboxing or something.

I've had use for this icon a discouraging number of times since I made it.

7 more EMG pay emails, then back to the EA book. Then orders.

Edit: but that's not the worst news! The worst news is - I'm out of StarGate!!!! Aaaaahhh!