July 18th, 2005


Monday, bloody monday!

In some ways, not ready to face another week. In other ways, grateful the weekend's past and I can distract myself with work again.

Nearly finished with the stupid EA book. (No, it's not stupid, it's beautiful, but I'm ready to be done already.) Just three more bio pages (would be just two if I hadn't saved over the wrong file like an idiot), the editors notes (just layout - words are done), and then a full printed proof to check all the names and titles and page numbers. Not sure at this point I'll index the thing - it was a nice idea, but OY what a hassle.

Couldn't get started this morning on finishing EMG pay because email was down. *sigh*

Inner monsters are larger and louder than usual.

My goals today are simple: finish the EA book. Finish EMG pay.

If that's ALL that happens, oh well. I have lots of stuff I'd like to do, but I haven't got the energy today to set my usual lofty goals, and couldn't handle the letdown if I didn't meet them.

Just gotta think not-too-hard about everything and power through the day. Off to do so.
enough time

Back, ye!

Monsters have been beaten back with barbeque chips, fried chicken, homemade Mac and Cheese, mandarin orange slices and a StarGate. Man, who COULD be unhappy faced with that?

So close! Got all the bios done, and updated a bunch of minor niggly stuff on other pages... I'm ready to do a full page print and take stock, plus consider doing the index thang.

Printing, and then it's back to slogging through EMG pay... end is in sight!

It's grindstone this week, so I'm semi-planning an evening of writing... not sure what, yet. Desperately need to get a Torn World timeline/rough to Laura, and finish Jenny/Bjorn, but there are sweet, sweet Kadanzer plots calling to me, too. I may take the fun route... I deserve fun, I do.

Progress, yes.

Argh! Email's acting up again. But I got to the s's in EMG pay! That's progress, at least. A nice healthy chunk outta what I wanted to get done today. I didn't realize it was so late, though, 4 already. >.< Someone stop the clocks!!

Back and shoulders are feeling decidedly urky again... too much sitting, not enough stretching, though I HAVE at least been good about icing.

Okay, email's responding again... back to more emails and pay. Geez, when did I get so many artists?

No husband tonight. :( But that does mean my kinda movie and giving the dishes a kiss and a promise. My desire to write has gradually ebbed away after six bazillion emails...

Didn't make it!

Well, it's quitting time, because if I sit here any longer, my back's just going to up and apply for a transfer to a nicer host. I got through the t's in pay... just one u, two v's and a handful of w's left to do! And the book is done except for that final check-through (and oh, crap! I need a back cover!), and I'm exhausted, so I'm calling it a day. Not a great day, or a day you'd want to keep as a pet, but a day.

Strangely, some orders have trickled in today unexpectedly, so I'll have that to deal with tomorrow, too. First, I'll have to finish today's tasks, but it's really whittled down, at least... it's not like I stopped moving, so it's just that I continue to underestimate the sheer drudgery of doing pay and laying out pages. Mostly, of doing pay. But since that's, like, THE most important thing I do... oh well.

Ow. Time for food and drugs. The cat agrees, except for the drugs part.