July 12th, 2005



And, aaaaaaaaah!

Feeling much overwhelmed already today. But I'm pretty used to that, and so sally forth!

TOO many emails.

I'm horribly, horribly excited about Jennie moving up here. Her last day of work is Friday! Then she's driving up to be my minion. For real, no fighting a day job! (At least at first - we'll have to see if art and EMG can support two of us... with her art, I bet it can.) And DAMN, I need the help. She's gung-ho about getting the webpage wrestled into shape; I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Finished - possibly - that winged cat girl painting with the genesis paints. Not real happy with it - I wish the paints were a little thinner, and I'm looking forward to trying more with glazing once I've got some thinning medium. Fun piece, I'm sort of lukewarm on the execution, but like the design.

Bios for the book are being a real pain in the butt - I'm missing several, and many of them are *really* long and require a bunch of editing. And all the file names are wierd - I'm going to have to make that a requirement next time, and make sure folks double-check their bios this time to make sure I haven't accidentally slapped someone elses face next to their info. o.O

Oh yeah...

Some of you are relative newbies to my LJ. A while back I put out a call for anyone who wanted to be added to the artwork WIP filters, writing WIP and the TMI filter. I haven't actually used the TMI filter yet, I don't think. Anywho, if any of these filters sound like entries you just can't stand to miss, all you have to do is post a reply that says, explicitly, that you agree not share anything you see under these filters. Why? With the writing, I hope to get it published someday - I've posted most of my novel in-progress, and some short stories, and the occasional article. With the artwork, I often post little incremental steps of things that might be too frequent for most folks on LJ, and some PA sketches and stuff that have to be kept private per contract. (Yeah, I know, I gotta follow my OWN contracts, how unfair is that?:P)

So there ya go. Your chance for 30% more Ellen in your diet! Now, with more nuts!