July 11th, 2005



The forest looks different.

Dozens of birchtrees came down yesterday, in a day-long, rather exciting windstorm. Listening to them cccrrraaa-aa-aaa-ck and wondering 'will this one hit the house?' is pretty alive-feeling stuff.

There are two birches down over the path the outhouse, which means some scrambling to get out there, and one of them was very large and very close to the house. We were without power for about 8 hours, not sure exactly because we went to bed. The only thing I really bummed about was not having enough light to do art.

But I did get up, finish Viridian (gold was my final choice... silver was ahead at the LJ poll, but gold was nearly unanimous at the PA forum) and calculate all artistpay! (Except coloring books...)

Okay, emails to write, PA stuff to post, Book to finish... must reserve hotel (got plane tickets) for DragonCon, voucher for Epson purchases, and an order to send.

Cha cha... (finished art)

Viridian! All finished up! So cleverly named because of the paint color I used in the background. And wow, salt techniques work a LOT better on paper that can handle water. This is a very Deb-inspired piece. And Deb will understand the significance of her coloring, too...

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