June 23rd, 2005


Am I in Denver yet?

Well... no.

I'm in Portland. At the Sheritan.

There was a 1.5 hour delay getting out of Anchorage, so I missed my connecting flight. So they're putting me up at the Sheritan, with my O So Generous meal budget of $8.00 to get me through to my O So Lovely 7:30 AM flight tomorrow morning. I'm downloading email to get Deb's address because I'm an IDIOT and forgot to write that one number down. I have a billion other numbers, but not the one I actually need.

Pleasepleaseplease let my checked luggage meet me there... >.<

I'm sort of bummed because this cuts right into my zoo time, which is THE thing I wanted most to see!!!

Otherwise, it's been fun! Lots of airports and long lines and screaming tired children, but also lots to see, and I'm getting really jazzed about the show. And they have a pool and spa here, so I'll soak any travel stress away this evening.