June 18th, 2005


The hours!

I swear, the hours at this job are worse than my day job was!

About to turn in, now that it's past midnight and my shoulders are saying oooooowwwwwie!

But I did get all three section covers, and twelve pages of the Atlantis book laid out. Almost finished with the first section, actually. And I gotta say, this is going to be a cool book. One I might actually buy. I wish I had a few more fall-themed pictures...

Uh-oh, the husband is dragging me off to watch TV and have cookies.


Saturday is for work!

I want to be working on the Atlantis book right now - I love laying things out and I haven't had a chance to do something this complex since my last catalog... how long ago now? Five or six years, probably, and it's a joy being able to work with something larger, and full-color, and with far, far less ugly, necessary text to juggle.

But, instead, I'm printing. And packaging. And matting... I'm sending out a package to my first Con. Ee! That's a big space to fill - I think my panel is going to look pretty bare, because I have so few LE things. So I'm sending a b&w original (The Unicorn Key, fancy-matted), that Cat Sorceress piece I hate now and never want to see again but can't throw out, an LE print of Uncovering Atlantis (2/100) and a framed LE print of Freedom (4/20). I don't know if b&w will get any nibbles, or frankly if any of it will sell, but oh well! I will have tried!

Also listing out all the folks I need to make things for for INATS... I've got six of 'my' artists there, and will be bringing samples of their EMG stuff. Plus my stuff. Monday will be spent largely making that stuff. Or Tuesday - my transfer paper is on order. How I do love waiting games, yes, yes.

Well, duty calls. I want to go watch an episode of Firefly this afternoon (I compromised on my terrible dilemma by watching StarGate for lunch and Firefly after dinner). And since it's already 4, and I still have to go shopping and get water, I gotta go put my nose to the grindstone.