June 14th, 2005

enough time

Nobody panic!

Everything will be alright, if we just stay calm!!

Or so I tell myself...

Strange happenings with my paper/spray orders, including nothing charged to my card yet??? But I won't panic.

Still haven't ordered those darned ISBNS. But I won't panic.

INATS in just over a week!! I have to go to a strange big city. And do a HUGE show that I've never done before, trusting (hahahaha) UPS and the airlines to make sure I get all my stuff. But I won't panic.

I have a cubic meter of orders that I need to fill, art to send to InConJunction and stuff to make for INATS, none of which can happen until I get at least ONE of my new printers set up. Neither of which are here yet. But I won't panic.

My ftp connection keeps dropping while I'm trying to download print files for the Atlantis book. But I won't panic.

Of course, I have to completely compile, layout, design and upload this particular book by (about) July 1 - and round up all the signature pages (mostly in, thankfully) and print files before that point. Despite a full week of being gone smack in the middle of that time. And do a damn good job on this, because so many faithful, talented artists are trusting me to do so. But I won't panic.

And, like a fool, I also started a complicated submitted description I would have to finish before I leave. Oh, and my own final Atlantis piece... and hopefully that story. But I won't panic.

Wait... how am I NOT panicking?


Anywho, I'm off to buy supplies to make fairy wings today with my mom! Which I also still have to design!

Still not panicking! Lalalalalalala! You can't make me!

Does not compute...

Printer Number 2 is in!!! (Being the backup 1280...)

...and does not print.

I've reinstalled the drivers three times, restarted about four times, printed from notepad (no problem), but it WILL not print from Photoshop, whining about 'parameters'. BLARGH! I have an email in to tech support, and I'm off to explore the various help forums...

EDIT: Also ran Adaware and virusscans, nothing turned up.