June 13th, 2005



Ordering supplies is SO frustrating!

I hate hate hate companies that will only ship UPS - they have exactly one shipping option to Alaska (second day air) and it's FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Makes me want to tear my hair out.

And when I do finally snarl to myself and pay the stupid shipping on something that I need swiftly, I get a 'we're out of stock and will ship shortly...' email 24 hours later. And when I reply asking for an ETA, I get an out-of-office email saying they're closed until Wednesday!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! So, I get to order it from somewhere else in the meantime. With all these wads of cash I naturally have on hand and have nothing better to spend on... *rollseyes*


Nice weekend, though. Went to a craft fair for kids with Melody on Sunday and made a mask, dissected an owl pellet (I'm totally making little skull earrings...) and beaded a dinky little photo frame. Lots of silly fun. Then, we wandered the museum briefly, got a pizza, watched National Treasure and played Odin's Ravens.

Saturday, I mostly painted. Until about 1:30AM, actually, which I rarely do because I'm a sleep weenie. I hate her eyes, but like most of the rest of the piece. We also worked on the connex box some more, and Matt and Niki came over briefly in the evening.

Finished Uncovering Atlantis this morning, and I think it's okay. Not super hot, but okay. I wish I were better with watercolors, and know that only practice will get me there.

Load of emails to go answer now...

But one addendum - wet Alaskan birch forest smells GOOD. And the birds are very happy.

Lur lee lur...

More paper ordered. I don't want to THINK about finances, but shall have to this afternoon - and order ISBNs.

Stupid stupid money.

Got some PA pieces up, and some more site fixes there - rebuilding now. Got my email inbox beaten back down to less than 25 messages! Yay! Got a mock-up of a possible cover for the EA done, and updated the masterlist and tracked down some files and did basic organization there. Emails, did I mention emails? Been writing emails all day...

Alright, I'm absolutely starved and have tandoori chicken for lunch, so I'm taking my mandatory break, watching a StarGate, and stuffing my face.