June 10th, 2005



Let's see... can't do that. Or that, or that, until I have a printer. Next week is going to suck thanks to this delay. :/

Got the bio format finished for the EA book, and caught up on submissions there. So, mostly today, I get to do art: Finishing touches on the Atlantis piece - thank you thank you thank you everyone for your advice! I have a couple of ideas, and I'm looking at lighting and that too-yellow-sand most particularly. Some of it, i'm just too scared to touch. Then, there's a submitted description I want to work on, and a tattoo, and an angel piece for MastersTouch, and maybe Angles, and the other Atlantis piece...

Oh, crud, I should do PA adopted stuff, too. I'll slot that in for an hour or two in the middle of my day to break up the artwork.

I tell you, as much as I gripe and complain and think I've suffered a laundry list of bad luck, my life really isn't bad.