June 9th, 2005



Arted for an hour this morning, which is so TOTALLY the way to get arttime... I finished (maybe) the Atlantis piece, and Leonie (though I may want to add a few jewelry details in colored pencil), and inked a silly little sketch I did last night watching StarGate for PA.

Listening to my SuperHits Dance Mix... Stayin' Alive in techno, baby! (Yeah, it's cheesy, but it's very Up Music and keeps me awake)

My printer got back with me, finally - a totally harmless email problem, not another DOOMED service relationship, fortunately. Wish3 will cost a bit more to print through them than I'd hoped, but nothing unreasonable, and the quality is significant enough to swallow. Time to cancel that original order that was supposed to be FINISHED more than a month ago. Nothing back from that printer since my Very Displeased email.

Okay, I'd love ANY critiques on this piece - this is going to be in the Visions of Atlantis book, and I'd like to not look back in a month and hate it... Any advice welcome!!

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I think that's it... time to work on the EA book for a bit - bios!

Status of the Printer

You know it's bad when the Epson tech guy says 'Oh, that's not good...' when you read him the error message.

Jumped through the moneky hoops (turn it off, turn it on, slide the carriage head to center, turn it off, turn it on...)... and I'm going to end up doing a 'full product exchange.'

My NEW new printer should be in early next week.

I suppose the bright side of this is that I did squeeze a bunch of prints out of the ink cartridges I'll be returning... I have to include the cartridges in the printer with the return, but they can't take back what I already put on paper. :P

Windows is having a snit - time for a reboot before starting in on my office projects.