June 6th, 2005

enough time


I just forked over $800 to get to INATS. >.<

I did pay about $100 extra NOT to sleep on the floor at the Anchorage airport overnight. (Not a nice convenient overnight where I could go stay with someone, no... one of those where I get in at 12 AM and leave at 7 AM.) I can pay that out of my pocket to get good sleep and not arrive at INATS looking like a zombie. Actually, for that extra $100, I get decent flights, don't have to get up god-awful early or come in in the wee hours of night, don't lose any sleep, might get to see something of the rockies...

I spent literally 2 and a half hours on the phone with travel agents and trying all the online services. Travelocity pisses me off because they have all these sweet listed $700 itineraries that - when you click to reserve them - woops! price JUST went up to $1050! After about EIGHT of those, I went to another site.

I hate money.

And airlines.

And phones.

Other than that, good day, good weekend! Got some art done, finished shelvinating the connex box, found many old sketchbooks and hugged my boxes of books before putting them away.

Now I've got a few more INATS things to do, and then PA for a while (adopted galleries are ooooold!), then a big bookmark order, gotta get the bios in order for the EA book, some other orders, some other stuff, some OTHER other stuff... the usual.


Okay, still have that big bookmark order to do, and I badly need a shower, but there are a heap of new claim site PA pieces up, and some vital emails written, and postcards and business cards ordered, and four new PA members emailed, and I found a piece I need to customize, and um.... oh, paid my credit card, and got those stupid plane tickets and ate delicious lunch.

Had to add a bunch of new entries to my shopping cart to deal with the high priced adoption pieces that are... apparently here to stay! :P I honestly expected to do the briskest business on the cheap-y $15 portraits, but apparently, people are either a) too cheap to spend anything or b) willing to spend a LOT. No skin off my nose, this is a lot easier at my end. :P

Heh... four of those pieces from the claim site are already adopted...