June 2nd, 2005


Cover for critique...

Not filtering to my art WIP group, 'cause I'd love ANY critique that anyone's got... furries are not really my 'thang,' so I bet that some folks will be able to help me on anatomy. This is for the cover of a bellydancing instructional book with a playful Alaskan theme...

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Update of Ellen

Getting ready to go switch tires on my car, and then print a bunch of orders, and then design and order me up some postcards and business cards, and then work on that cover and then pay some artists and then go to the postoffice and then...

Blah blah blah...

I sent my scolding letter to the printer yesterday, and haven't heard anything back. Lucky for me, I found another - HIGHLY recommended - place (thanks to Sofawolf and Ursula!) to print, in color, no less, at even cheaper prices with really reasonable minimums. I may let Ken do the rest of Wish3 IF he comes back, but he's outta here for the Visions of Atlantis. These guys supposedly don't just meet their deadlines, but often beat them, and I have some of their books, so I know they're nice quality.

Honestly, yesterday I started pricing binding and offset printers. I am SO glad there are alternatives - that was enough to curl my toes.

Ack! Gotta run, too much to do.

You're all wonderful, remember.


Heh... I have finally discovered a problem with the new printer. It doesn't print small enough. :P No, really - it won't print cards on the half-sheets; the guides don't squeeze small enough and there are no options for anything that small in paper selection!!!! RATS! I shall have to order another 1280, I guess. Or go back to printing on full-sheets, which SUCKED because of the margins. Maybe full-sheet borderless, but a)that's slow, and b)I JUST finally got all my cards converted FROM the full-sheet format TO the half-sheet format. I don't want to do them all again. *pouts*

I am thwarted again...

My latest time-sucking idea? Run for Borough Assembly Board. I'd be good at it, and when Jake asked me why I'd want to, my answer seemed very good: I want to keep them from making stupid decisions. I'd need to know how much time it would take, though... undoubtedly too much.

Need more tube-caps.

Mmm.. meatloaf sandwich. :D

That loud unfamiliar sound you just heard....

...was my elated whoop of success as I finally, finally, FINALLY cobbled together a decently working version of greymatter with functional shopping cart, search functions and all necessary ingredients. One stinking file was hanging things up. One stinking LINE in one stinking file in one stinking folder that I've been hunting down for... what... three weeks now??? Coder, I am not. Duct-tape programmer, perhaps, but no coder am I.

Old entries still need to be moved over (but that's just a tedious, fairly quick task, already relegated to one of my minions), all images are in place, and with luck, EMG Lite (only 2 designs per artist) will be online shortly.


I feel like partying, but have to go draw partying bellydancing moose bits instead...

My life's not so bad...