May 31st, 2005


I'm back!

What a FABULOUS long weekend. Celebrated our birthdays in fine fashion in a private camping spot on the banks of the Chatanika, ate delicious food, reorganized the connex box, went fishing (not a nibble - catch and release until tomorrow anyway), went walking, enjoyed beautiful weather, didnt TOUCH the Internet for all five days and LOVED it. I got a zoom lens for my camera! Holy balls, I could photograph the grains of wood on a tree a mile away. Sweeeet! I also got season 1 of Stargate, which I haven't seen! *love*

Downloading all the print files that stacked up while I was gone (thanks heavens for all that space!) and am now dredging back through more than 300 emails... (after most of the spam has been deleted, I think....)

Interesting thoughts on commercial vs art, wish I'd seen the original rant that sparked off so many of you.

And I've only skimmed back the dozen and a half pages of friendslist news, so I've probably missed a lot - I hope those of you that are sick get well soon and those of you who are having hard times get through them.

Lots and lots to do today, including my monthly goals revisit (*fear*).
Are You Sure?

Revisiting May Goals

EMG site - all QC at my end done. - I got about 60-70 designs finished before I realized that this work wasn't accomplishing anything because the site itself has gone nowhere, so I'm back to using greymatter.
RWH tarot - finish and mail. Yay!
Commissions -
final sketch on Angles, - heh, no.
Arachne girl finished. - No, but only 'cause I'm waiting on final payment.
Two SDs, at least.
Finalize EA book contract and work out details.
INATS - Finalize display. - Still need to sketch that darn display!
Wish3 - Finish printing vol 1-4 and LE vol 4. - off to the printers! Getting MIGHTY peeved with my book printer, too.
Card Game - border and back design - hey, I have a day left... though I'm doubting I'll get it done today - took me four hours to get through my email, and there's more to do.
Jenny-Bjorn - at least re-read.
Fundraiser stuff to Mary Layton. Check deadline...

Jenny-Bjorn - finish rough draft - hahahahahahahaha!!
Laser designs I was vauge enough with this one that what I accomplished could be considered this.
Master and Servant Entry - some sketches done. - hahahahahaha! Did anyone but me think I could actually do this? Yeah, right...

Jake's dad died. Much sadness and a lot of loving needed.
Printer died, to be replaced with my gorgeous new 4000... much hassle, many vain attempts to fix the thing.
Planted the garden.
Cleaned the connex box - about half done.
Painted the upstairs floor.
Brought the filing cabinets inside, to be cleared out and actually USED.
Started a story for the Atlantis project that none of my beta readers so much as commented on. Not sure if that means 'it sucks so bad, we can't figure how to fix it' or 'this is so amazing, nothing I could say would do it justice.' Not inclined to finish it, but may anyway so I can say I did.

In all, considering the month I had, I'm not in tears over what I didn't get done. I knew I'd be sorely stretched to do that contest, the webpage gives me MUCH, MUCH grief, the printer had pisspoor timing, and lots of other things way outside of my control happened. Not worth crying over spilt milk. (She tells herself FIRMLY)

Lots and lots to catch up on, but next post will be goals for June.
enough time

June 2005 Goals

EMG site - I need something browseable and buyable up by the end of the month. If there's nothing done by then, I may as well wait until Jennie gets up here in July.
Commissions -
final sketch on Angles
Arachne girl finished.
Two SDs, at least. (sort of an on-going goal - these actually PAY, so that's important. Leonie- due 3 June)
INATS - buy plane tickets, make products, write to Tom and Karen again, plan wardrobe. Maybe make wings with mom?
Wish3 - hassle the printer. AGAIN.
Card Game - border and back design - since I'm sort of doubting it will get done today.
Jenny-Bjorn - finish rough draft
EA; Visions of Atlantis - ALL FINAL LAYOUT AND DESIGN BY 1 July.*
Angel design for Masterstouch manufacturing.
Bellydancing moose bookcover by 4 June.

*This is going to be the massive time-sink, for sure. Lots and LOTS to do here and I was *crazy* to take this project on, but it's coming together. Sort of.

Hot damn, that's a lot. *fear*

INATS alone has me shaking in my shoes. Publishing a massive multi-artist book?? Finishing a novel?? Four five pieces of complicated finished artwork? I really am crazy...

Fortunately, I don't know any better, so they're all staying on my to-do list.

Why oh why...

Is there not a nap scheduled into my afternoon? So sleepy... purring cat occupying lap... eyes heavy... don't want to draw, just *yawn* a little short nap, please?