May 23rd, 2005


Ugh! The Dust!

Today is cleaning day. The whole darn basement so that I can set up my new printer. And, UGH, has it been a chore.

Sorting through lots and LOTS of paper (so *that's* where EMG's money went...) and t-shirts (so THAT'S where EMG's money went!) and lamination stuff, and bags and backers, and mousepads and sixteen year old medicine (???) and pens that have been dry this entire millenia, and cassette tapes with music I haven't listened to but once since I bought them in HS, and packaging that I really shouldn't have bothered to keep because I'll never re-use something that shape (until I actually throw it away, in which case, I'll need it tomorrow...) and old, OLD letters that I really should answer some day, and oh dear GOD, that package I thought I'd mailed Gette like two years ago (you haven't moved, have you, Gette?) and the dried husk of a nasty old bee, and a duffle bag that I'm going to need for INATS and Dragon*Con, and oh, MAN, I gotta get rid of this laser transfer paper, and ah GEEZ, the painful old art, but YAY, my Ellen Rules wombat from Ursula, and a print that I need to mail today, and yes, the archeology of my discoveries has been much compromised and what's on top of some piles is YEARS old and there's fresh new stuff at the bottom of some piles and I'm probably going to incur much wrath and ire from the writers on my list because this is one HECK of a run-on sentence with so many aching leaps of grammar that my own eyes hurt.


So. I got some stuff for give-away at basically cost of postage.

Flat rate mailers are $4.50 US or $10.50 Int'l, as much as will fit. Flat rate boxes are HUGE, and are $9.00 (US only). Lots will fit in these. Tubes are $4.50. (US only)

A Kelly Freas poster from 1973 of 'A Bridle for Pagasus.' Couple of small tears in the margins, otherwise great shape. 11 x 17. Tubed

Epilogue Masters of Fantasy poster from 2003. New condition. I unrolled it, that's it. Tubed

Printable magnet sheets. This stuff kinda sucks, frankly, so it's off to the trash if no one wants it... goes through most printers, very thin, sticks okay, but a little fragile, probably needs lamination to last. Will fit in flat rate priority mailer, but will take most of the space.

Cassetes: Oathbreakers - Vows and Honor (Lackey, Circles in the Grain (Dandelion Wine), Heralds, Harper and Havoc (Lackey), Songsmith, LEgend Soundtrack, Walkabout (Julia Ecklar). Hardly listened to. Could probably stuff all six in a flat rate mailer, but four would fit better with bubblewrap, and they'd be safer in a box.

2001 Unicorns calendar - photomanips by Robert Vavra - really quite gorgeous. Will fit flat in priority flat rate BOX or rolled in tube.

Xyron 150 - the little one. I use the big 510, so have no need for this guy. Makes stickers to 1.5 inches wide. Replacement cartridge included. Won't quite fit in flat rate mailer, has to be part of a box.

Nude male playing cards. 'Big Guy'. Great gag gift. Fits easily in flat rate mailer.

Case Logic CD ProSleeves. 6 of em in a box.

Lots and LOTS of fair-worn EMG stuff... dirty mousepads, slight misprints, some fudged t-shirts. If you want me to fill out your box or mailer with this stuff, just ask and I will. These are seconds and misprints!

Sorry, not selling the expired medicine. :P

Color Laser Copier transfer paper - lots and LOTS of this stuff, it's in great shape, I just have nothing that can take it... some of it (200 sheets? 500 sheets? LOTS) is 8.5 x 11, and I think there are 1-200 sheets of 11 x 17. Will separate, so if you want to test some of the letter-size, lemmed know. 11 x 17 has to be in box.

I'm not holding onto this stuff for long, so let me know right away if you want any of it before I schlep it to the dump.