May 18th, 2005



EMG Lite is being a stubborn little piece of crap. The java won't work, for some reason beyond my paltry skills, and the searches won't work, even though I went in and manually re-wrote the bits that are supposed to fix that. Okay, actually, it's just the search LINKS that don't work... but since that's the source of all browsing, that not working really puts a crimp on getting this back online. And the no java means no shopping cart, which means - it's worse than the old site! Rargh! *pokes code in frustration* Time for an art break - maybe I'll paint for a while!

On the good side of things, Alva called today - they did some test etches on mirrors, and say that it looks AMAZING. They want me to come spend most of Friday there, doing more test pieces and some painting. YAY! I want to try to do a fairy ornament design before then, and clean up the grandpa piece. What's today, Wednesday already? Yikes!

Watched 50 First Dates last night, and absolutely loved it... much less slap-happy than I'd thought from the previews, and in fact a really touching movie. I tend to like Adam Sandler, though... Jim Carrey mostly gives me cold chills, but Adam Sandler is more sweetly funny. And I happen to like Drew Barrymore in most of what I've seen her in.

Thanks, on that note, for the movie recommendations! I have a list. Look out! And no one recommended movies that made me question their taste, so that's a big plus. :P

Okay, painting calls... I think a little on Uncovering Atlantis and a little on Leonie today...


My mother's been diagnosed with fibromyIforgettherestofit...

I know several of you lovely readers suffer the same - any tips? She's done her Internet research, and is well-educated, so probably doesn't need any of the obvious info, but any personal experiences/problems/solutions to share? Also, is it genetic?

Impulse buy...

I bought the first season of Dinotopia at Freddies today. For $10 (and the fact that seven episodes went un-aired) I am expecting it to be spectacularly crappy. But my standards aren't too high, I ADORE the books, and I bet I can get $10 worth of creature and costume inspiration.

I'm unmotivated. That darn script isn't behaving for EMG Lite, my head hurts, and I have so many projects, I have brainfreeze. I may go paint some more... I got Leonie's hair and skin finished, and at least a layer on her corest. (But it's too pale - I want to darken it a bit.) I also re-redded my mermaid in Uncovering Atlantis, and would like to get more done on that. I've got about an hour of worktime left before I can guiltlessly quit for the day, maybe I'll do that.

I'd much rather crawl under a blanket and take a nap. It's all gray and gloomy out - perfect for a nap on the couch with the cat. *resists* .... *barely*