May 17th, 2005



I did do something today, I did!

I got the webpage image files moved over to the new temp site, and the greymatter's all set up, though still not behaving... I need to wrestle mightily with the shopping cart - I fear I've missed a file in my move-over. Since the images are all pre-made and I can copy much of the old entry information wholesale, it may even go up tomorrow.

I also finished this! And I don't hate it! Aaaaand she's already been adopted! Weeeeeeee!!

See, I'm not a failure. :P

I also did some fidgety emailing stuff.

And I ordered an Epson 4000, yes, I did.

So! I will shortly have 17 x 22" prints available for anyone who would like to purchase them via printing services, etc. I'm going to have to go add them to the management tools at EMG New (They're like soda pops... EMG Lite will be the temp site, EMG New is the one in progress, EMG Classic is the broken mess... I just have to hope EMG New doesn't suck as badly as New Coke did. Maybe soon you can get EMG with Lime! And Vanilla EMG! *clings to sense of humor*), and the print services page, and figure out how to incorporate them into current PA pricing. Also, I need to go over all the EMG files I have and see what will print that big. Lots of Ursula's will, I bet, but not a lot of the others. I'm going to have to start working gigantic. I should have the printer in just a few days - my options were UPS or FedEx, and no ground services come to Alaska, so I was forced to get '2nd day economy'. That's good, though, I'm sick of feeling helpless.

I'm completely stuck on my Atlantis story - I may post what I've got in my writing WIP filter and see if anyone has ideas for where to take it... I'm trying to decide if it's too morbid and violent for the guy to chop his finger off. Probably it is.

Cancelled gaming tonight, because Jake is glum-glum-glum, and I want to spend some time cheering him up.

Cat wants dinner, time to clean up and call it a day.