May 6th, 2005


Mad Importing Fool...

I'm a mad, mad importing fool today... lalalalala...

A rather late welcome to all you new folks on my friends list. I hope you have fun here, though I do tend to whine, suffer bouts of temporary madness and doubts, ramble about nothing and am very, VERY bad about commenting.

Five entries down so far this morning! Plus emails.

Gotta call Myth and Not... ugh. I hate phones, and they either didn't know I was in Alaska, or can't calculate time zones. *grump*

I think I need a cup of tea... I lost my coffee cup somewhere...
Twisty tree

Pain like a toothache, but lower and louder...

I ran this morning, and shouldn't have, and Jake scolded me and I deserved it, and now I'm paying for it. I wasn't wearing good shoes, either, just my slippers.

You know how you have to tell little kids over and over again - don't run! Walk! Don't run! In the hallways of schools, crossing parking lots, wherever you go with them, until you have to threaten them, 'Do I have to hold your hand?'

I never outgrew that. I can get there faster! I can have more fun getting there! If I run just right, maybe I can fly!

But I can't, of course.

On re-reading...

Well, ya know, I'm not in hate with the Jenny and Bjorn novel, I'm really not.

It's got lumpy bits, and there's half a chapter that can just be ditched, but it's relatively well-written - the conversation is pretty snappy, the characters are pretty clear - I need to finish the thing... I have an outline to the end, and I think it may be another five, six, maaaaybe seven chapters, but there's a lot of good stuff here! (She says humbly.) I don't even think it will take much nit-picky editing.

I think I can make something coherent out of it after all. I do! And there was much relief!

I've had to hold myself back TWICE now from writing to the Epilogue staff and offering to run Epitome if they want me... I want to see it updated reliably, I really do, even if it means doing it myself. But see how good I am? I didn't! I stopped myself before I added another project to my plate!

Finally talked to LOMAN, Melanie caught me by surprise by asking, 'you are a publisher, right?' I answered yes without sounding like I hesitated, but it did make me pause mentally. I'm... ME. I'm something completely unique and different in the market, sort of like a merchant, sort of like an agent, sort of like a publisher, sort of like a producer, sort of a LOT like a hand-holding babysitter*, sort of like a mediator, or maybe a mentor, sort of like a lot of things. And yes, really, I am a publisher too. I have that hat here somewhere. Small press, yeah. SUPER small press, for now. (But not for long! Tremble in fear of my potential and the talents I have called to my dark side! Mwahahahaha!) That went well, anyway. And DAMN, does LOMAN have a restrictive contract. I would never sign with them. But then, I'm pretty independent like that. I guess they pay well for their top artists, anyway. Someday, I will pay better. So doth I spake.

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*No one's allowed to take offense at this! I'm sure I don't mean any of you guys!