May 5th, 2005



I have already done the icky stuff I didn't want to, and I think I can get the RWH tarot out today, if i'm lucky. I'm having a dastardly time trying to find a file that I need to finish an order - though it's not a big rush (check hasn't cleared yet...). Rarh! Stupid unorganized Ellen.

I wish the webpage would magically finish itself... I've had so much trouble making myself finish uploading entries 'cause I can't see the progress Jennie's making on the storefront, and because it's SO exacting. Easy, but it's got to be done RIGHT, and it's that tedious, careful stuff that makes me want to scribble outside the lines Just Because.

I've wound up the EA book and let that machinery go for a while - I'll answer questions, etc, but there's little more for me to do until I have more submissions. Should go approve those that are in and start dealing with print files, but that will probably wait until tomorrow. RWH tarot! I want to be DONE today! I mocked up a quick/ugly 8 of pots space-filler in the interests of time. Hopefully it will just do.

Yeesh, I'm going to have to get moving if I want to do the Masters and Servants contest. Contests are SO appealing, and there are SO many of them, and I have SO little time! Gripe gripe gripe!!

Okay! Time to go into town and see if anything fun has come in the mail...


Done at last... Done at last... DONE AT LAST!!

I am done with the RWH tarot!!!

The cards are 100% printed. There are four for my own deck that still need cut out.

They are sorted. They are packaged. They are lying in a heap on my floor to go to the post office RIGHT NOW.