April 29th, 2005

enough time


And dammit, I'm going to North Pole after two weeks of putting it off.

Got my box of samples, getting ready to write a disc of images, Wish3 is uploading to the printer, have some artwork and a sketchbook, and I even put out girly clothes to get into after my shower. I might *gasp* brush my hair. Okay, yes, I'll definitely brush my hair. And teeth. And wear deoderant and all that socially acceptable stuff.

Got up early to compile Wish3 stuff - and I like working in the morning. Getting up was a little challenging, but hey, not THAT bad.

I have GOT to do a DragonCon jury page FIRST THING tomorrow. Nothing like the last possible day... I've decided to apply as amateur; my work just wouldn't hang in a real gallery.

Behind on emails and such again, but no time now - gotta write that disc, and clean out my backpack and get ready to go. Have to leave Wish3 uploading when I go, rats.

Much to do!

*faceplant* (but a good one...)

Busy, BUSY day. But very good.

Got two files uploaded to the printer this morning, and still have to do two more. Met a friend in NP to go over some possible illustration jobs and have lunch. She introduced me to the owner of 'Inner Peace,' a new store out there, who promptly bought about half of what I'd scraped together as samples to retail in her store. Check in hand! Interested in more! And it was mostly leftovers from the fair - yay! Also, met an artist who was selling in the store - much more abstract Ahrt type stuff than I sell through EMG, but THRILLED to find out about my printing services. I ran out of business cards, but gave her my web address. She was really, REALLY complimentary about the quality of my stuff (she was around when I unveiled the Box of Joyous Wholesale samples, actually left, and called back to the store while I was still there to try to find out who I was and if she could get her work carried by me.). :)

Then, to the laser factory, and DAMN, I'm impressed with what they were able to do with my work. I mean... WOW. I'll have to take photos. This stuff is AWESOME. Works best with linework and *duh-du-duh* stippling, so my work is just ideal for this medium. And they loved the work I did for them (had just a few tweaks, easy things... and have been so scarred by previous sensitive artists that they were half-afraid to ask me for revisions and were SUPER apologetic and hesitant about it.... suffice to say I laid their fears at rest and cheerfully promised revisions to their specs).

Then, to a retirement party for Per from Jake's work - much hilarity, a little homebrew, amazing food, lots and lots of vaguely familiar faces without names attached... and possibly some more business through an arty wife of one of them who would like to get prints of her work made. (A real artist - with gallery sales and shtuff like that.)

And Jake bought me a new backpack! Mine had barely survived since Sweden, the zipper was blown out (it would only close in one direction, if you zipped carefully, and it wasn't too full), the straps were frayed, the beltstrap buckle was broken, the padding was worn out... it was a mess, and I never liked the fact it was one big pocket (there was a second pocket, but it was all useless and stuff). He got one with ALL of my requirements - padded hip strap, not huge, but big enough for a sketchpad, breast strap, cinch straps, an art pocket!!!! (so the pencil shavings don't mix in with everything else... there are ALWAYS stray pencil shavings, no matter what I do) It has sensible pockets overall, and fits very, very well. It's a light teal color that I like a lot, too. Very happy.

Now, my back is sort of burning, and telling me without doubt that I have Done Too Much.

Random capitalization brought to You by ELLEN.