April 26th, 2005

kiss my fish


So what exciting event do I get to top off my wonderful month with? A UT infection.

With a cut for the squeamish...

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Now, I'm going to head over to Jake's work and enjoy some grilled hot dogs and potatoe chips and pickles in the unseasonable sun (we might set a record today!) and get my prescription.

Miserable body...

I think I will drink vodka tonight. Perhaps even a lot of vodka. I was going to be good and try to catch up on all the work I MEANT to do instead of spending the morning at the doctors office, but I feel horrible, and I'd like to feel less horrible. None of these drugs say not take them with alcohol... I should probably eat first, though.

Did get orders out, and some emails written, and some paperwork done, and some black t-shirts sorted, and a very late box for Ursula mailed out.

Okay, enough of this. Food, drugs, booze and some mindless televisual entertainment.