April 25th, 2005



The weekend mostly off was much, much needed. My back is far better, and my mood much improved. It's been a very long, very stressful month, between the webpage disaster and my grandmother (who is dying) and the printing service that flaked. Fortunately, the new webpage is coming together, my mother is handling things far better than I would, the printing service has finally gotten back to me and made my project their number one priority (still having file problems, but hopefully we'll get those worked out...), and I cried all over Jake and he made me feel much better. Also, Melody came over on Saturday and we watched the Incredibles, which was *wonderful!*

We also worked on the house (gingerly, on my part) over the weekend. We got one of the panels up in the study! It looks great, even for cheap-o paper-covered paneling.

It's grindstone week, I'm about to go start grinding, right after I finish these Interview questions for Julsey... I really, REALLY wish I could count this towards my wordcount, because I've written well over 4k words for it already and have one more BIG question to answer. :)

Ho hum!

Stuck out here today, because I needed the dsl for uploading files to the printer, and my car is stuck at the bottom of the driveway. It's breakup, and there are a few feet of impassable slush everywhere.

Okay, off to finish the Interview and get grinding.

7700 words later...

Yikes. So much for a *brief* history of myself... :P

It's pretty fun writing down a history of me and EMG in great gory detail.

Didn't do anything for my grindstone count, but it's awesome getting this all laid out. Tomorrow I must remember to scan in some of my old, OLD flyers to send to Jules.

Now, one nagging email (off!) and it's time for a trip to yon outhouse and then some sketching time for Dr McAfee.