April 18th, 2005



We started the floor this weekend! Red is a vast improvement over diry unfinished plywood.

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Also, I've just sent emails to get the first of my minions logged into the brand new EMG backend. Eee.. EEEE!!! It's very exciting, and DANG, the new page set up is awesome. Really, REALLY awesome.

Monday already...

Weekend was nice, if not full of enough art. I went for a VERY long walk with my sister and her dog in our woods, and am feeling just a little pleasantly sore from that. Have crossed most everything for the day off of my list except for filling some orders (have to go into town) and doing some art. Oh, how grueling my life is. *hand to forehead* Painted the... oh, I already posted about that.

It's snowing! We're supposed to get a few inches over the next few days. I was SO sure we had reached spring - everything was melty and warm and sunny. False alarm!

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The game goes WELL. I played it with Matt and Nicki and Jake for the first four-player test, and they all liked it very much. They thought it should have more cards for the four-player variety, I'm leaning towards a deck of 100 (it was 72), with the possibility of an expansion deck(s) to accomodate 5 or more players. (And hell NO, I'm not designing 100+ cards, there's lots of duplicates.) Next step, I think, is actual card design (where the text goes, basic frame, fonts, etc).

Wrote another nasty-ish letter in to dreamhost because I'm still on the bad dog server and there hasn't been a WORD in response to my list of gripes. Not a word. Getting more displeased by the day, I really hope they realize that. Tremble in your SHOES, mighty host! The beast awakens! A displeased Ellen with vendetta is a VERY BAD THING! SUFFER MY WRATH!!


Have to take poor Velcro into town with me today to live a few days at my parents house while we finish the floor. She doesn't need red paws.

I have the minions all minionized on the new site, and they're poking at things. With luck, the rest of the artisthoards should be unleashed on it in the next few days. Glee! Then we can start importing all the old designs, and Jennie can concentrate on the storefront itself.

Emails being slow today...

Also, it's lunch and I'm HUNGRY.
kiss my fish

She is Appeased.

Dreamhost has apologized very prettily, taken my suggestions quite to heart, given me an email address with which to take future problems directly to the team leader, and credited my account some money for my troubles. They also assured me that their standard policy is to follow a ticket with one person through the entire train of things, and said it was obvious from my support history that there was some confusion in my case (and that some of that was from my move to the bad server, which also resulted in the lost backups). An apology goes a LONG way. A nice, friendly, helpful apology with money goes even further.

I will continue to recommend them.

She is appeased.