April 8th, 2005



My site is down, dammit. Very, very displeased. Any of you other dreamhosters having problems??

Edit: Dreamhost is AWESOME. Their reply got back to me within ten minutes:

Sorry about that. The server you are on needed to be rebooted due to
becoming unresponsive. The reboot appears to have fixed the issue. Our
administration team will keep an eye on the server to make sure that no
further issues continue. Due to the added problems you mentioned above I
have requested and tagged the server for a full evaluation.


Happier Friday

Site's working again... Six new designs up at EMG! Now, some PA stuff, and maybe a chance to art. I'm feeling VERY doomy about the Aphrodisia contest... I really don't think I'll have time to complete anything new for it - I'd have to mail by early next week to ensure it got there by the 20th (2nd day air, my butt). Do you think 'Between' might be an acceptable submission? I dunno how thrilled they'd be about b&w work... maybe I could color it? (I still have the very certain feeling that adding color changes my work from student quality to kindergarten quality, but am slowly resigning myself to the fact that people demand color...)

Falcon girl is up for adoption! :)

Also, memory foam mattress topper = MUCH love. Yay.

Have a bit of a headache anyway, but I suspect that's sinuses... I fear something is starting to pollenate - the last three days have been distinctly spring-like!



I'm pleased with my progress along the way towards my April goals. :)

The game is mocked up on little half-sized cards and ready for play-testing, planned this weekend. I did a few dry-runs myself, 3-player and 2, and it was fairly engaging. There's some strategy required, a little, but the rules are very straight-forward.

I have only 33 RWH Tarot cards to finish... unfortunately, I still need art for 30 of those (3 designs). One's almost finished. May take great artistic liberties with the last two... have to remember to pick up the paperwork for those orders tomorrow. That means I've finished 747 cards! Wow!

Tomorrow we're working on the house. We're emptying the study and painting the floor so we can put up panelling so we can MOVE EMG IN!!! Yay! :) So sick of juggling two offices. My files are ALWAYS at the other office.

EMG is still on the fritz, which is very displeasing. Not sure what's up... the archives just refuse to rebuild, and the searches are all returning server 500 errors. But PA is fine. (It does occur to me that they COULD be on separate servers... I should check. *does so* Looks like not.) So there's some PROBLEM, and I don't know what it is. I've got a support query in to Dreamhost, we'll see if a reboot solves the problem, or if I'm going to have to poke at the code. *pokes gingerly*

Ooo... the Futurama theme is on downstairs and the husband has made mention of the magical 'chocolate milk...'