April 6th, 2005

enough time


I think I'd like to offer an EMG 'scholarship.'

It's a rotten crying shame when talented artists can't afford to enter competitions because of the entrance fees. I can probably allot $100 or so a year as a tax writeoff.

Also, 5 new EMG designs up! Four of 'em new artists!

What else... I'll have new art for the WIP filter in a moment or two here, and there are a few new PA pieces up.

140 RWH tarot cards finished yesterday... and I've tallied all the cards so I know what I have left to print. Still no word on those two missing files. *sigh* Leaning towards smily-face/silly placeholders, but I'll probably dash out *something* more serious instead. Rarh!

Okay, art time!! :)

Request a photo!

I'm feeling photographical and haven't used my Vunderbar digital camera enough... so, if you want to see a picture of something, ask, and I'll go take a picture of it. Want to see my kitchen? Or the outhouse? Or Velcro? Or the snow we still have? How about my car? My feet? My art supply shelf? My trash can? Shoot... and I'll go shoot it. :P

In other news...

Finished fixing the search page breaks at EMG, yay! It still searches ungodly slow, of course, but at least there aren't pages with 140 designs anymore. SO looking forward to the new site. Now, I have to decide, writing or art? But first, finish laying out those last two tarot designs.


Back is killing me... not sure what I've done to it, but it's NOT happy at all. It's been a dull throb since early last week (moreso than the usual dull throb, that is...), and the cracking took care of a lot of the neck/shoulder pain, but the lower problem areas are all in rebel-mode. Can't sit at ALL right now, I'm typing standing up. :P Plan to go collapse on the couch with some icepacks for a bit, but my guilt gland is going full tilt. It's only 4! I can't quit working at 4, can I? Someone shut that thing up. If I knew where that gland was, I'd stab it out with a fork right now. Stupid guilt.