March 29th, 2005

kiss my fish

I whated a who?

Barely cognizant.

Is that spelled right? Who cares! I've been babysitting two sick(ish) nephews this morning since 6:30. Meh. No Internet, and just enough time to shower and flip through the Inbox for anything Dire and Doomy before gaming. Not feeling social after the toddlerchatter, and am currently in mode=bitchy, modifier=slight. (Phear my geekness...) Was able to cut cards while they napped (I think I'm up around 250 now, completely finished!), and I brought my laptop and was able to do a little bit towards a RASH of new work I hope to get up tomorrow... making images and the like, no Internet, so no entry count to show for the work.

Had a half-caffienated tea, so hopefully that will kick in here soon and spur me to go to gaming. Before I'm late. Now would be nice... Donnie does have high speed wireless, too... so I could do some downloads there.

Come on legs, aren't you listening? Let's go already.