March 25th, 2005

enough time

Yay for productive days!

Okay, I worked on the Kiri picture a bit... still a little refining to do, then scan and done. I painted on one of the paid commissions a bit... and managed to make a dress in the WRONG color entirely. Fortunately, I ran it by the commissioner, and she's happy with a compromise that I can manage. (Dress was supposed to be blue, I painted it red, we've settled on purple... SO grateful she didn't accept my offer of a complete re-do.)

I also finished the 4 of stars for the RWH Tarot, and now have 70 cards completed. And it looks like indeed the Holt will be closing for good, phooey, but I'm STILL finishing the darn deck. So there. At least I don't have to worry about finishing 'The Contest' now.

And what's up with people who put my name in quotes? 'Ellen Million,' that chick with the printing business. It's a name, not a handle! A REAL name! MY name! I feel like folks think it's a hokey assumed name or something. Meh. :P

Seven new designs up at EMG! Including FIVE new artists! And new archives browsing! Whew! I said I'd get 50 entries up by the end of the month, so I do still have 35 to go before next thursday. Cake!

I also did two loads of dishes!

Busy day, ready for it to be over, and lo! the husband comes home, so it is. :)