March 24th, 2005


Now that's more like it!

I've found a *cheaper* place to get Wish3 printed... and they will be perfect bound, the way I first wanted to do in the first place, I can do color inserts wherever the hell I want, I can do HARDCOVER LEs, and I will never go to Dateline for Wish3 again. I may never do my coloring books through them, either... the jury's still out on that. If these come back looking HALF as good as I'm thinking they will, I'm plunking down the money I WAS going to spend on the stupid printer, getting my 100 ISBNs, and expanding that aspect of EMG. Yessir.

Additionally, I am getting ready to shower, dress up, and take my portfolio (hastily assembled in one of these AWESOME portfolio books I've been showing prints in) and a framed print to Gullivers! They don't have a gallery opening until October, but she didn't say 'eh' when I told her I was a fantasy illustrator - in fact she seemed rather enthused about the idea. SO NERVOUS.

I'm gonna go hyperventilate for a bit here...


Okay, I've got a show! It's pretty freeform - at a used bookstore and cafe, not an 'art' gallery, and I can hang whatever I like, wherever I like, for the entire month of October! No commission, either! *squee*