March 16th, 2005


Still kicking...

Slept in this morning - unheard of decadance, but I feel better for it. Two hours really makes a difference in my energy level when I'm this sick. Sucking down the gypsy cold care and echanacea tea... my ears aren't giving me nearly as much trouble as they were, so I think *knock on wood* that I may have avoided the most dangerous risk of infection. I'm super, SUPER hesitant taking antibiotics since a particularly nasty reaction to them a few years ago that led to unspeakable horrors I'm not willing to face again without indoor plumbing. So I just decongest any way I can and cross my fingers. Still stuffed up, throat has that 'can't sleep without mouth fully open' soreness, and the aches are still here. Not wishing for death anymore, though, and the nose isn't running down my face. Dayquil helps. Mom's chicken-noodle-dumplings help, too.

Got two new EMG designs up yesterday, and a whole pile of PA Claim site pieces up. Woke up to three sweet adoptions and a fourth reserved and a fifth adopted but not paid for yet. Very nice start to my day!

Now, I'm off to finish up submissions. I've already started piecing together the new queue.