March 11th, 2005



Only 11 emails this morning, so I'm guessing there was a period of time there that nothing was getting through - since that's about a quarter - or a tenth, on a busy day - of what I usually get.

Today: TAXES. And finish submissions. And pay for the fair booth. And work on that darn piece of art. And order my new printer! Ee!

Should be a fun day.

A bit of an embarassing question...

Do any of my artists who are reading this have a copy of the state-of-the-site that I sent mid-2004? I can't figure out how to access emails I've sent through announcement lists, and I wasn't subscribed to the list at that time. If you wouldn't mind emailing me a copy, I'd much appreciate it!

Also, I feel a bit wretched for my last post and hope no one has taken it too much to heart.